bancor, Italian company based in Milan – Via Vanvitelli n° 46, active from about 50 years into the sector of value management, dematerialization and document management, is pleased to announce that, with effect from 1 July 2022, the company S.E.A.C. Banche becomes part of their reality.

Thanks to the acquisition of SEAC,  bancor releases an important growth project, which is part of their business plan, which will allow us to achieve various targets, including:

  • product portfolio enrichment
  • company know-how strengthening
  • territorial coverage expansion


Since today, the new bancor group is born, the two companies (bancor and SEAC) become a single large team operating into the supply of products and services relating values and document management and processes automation, affirming an increasingly and stronger leadership into the sector.


The press release is also available in the News sections of the websites of both companies involved: