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Check Processing Module for Self-Service Systems

Robust and reliable, the Seac Banche CM 3000 was conceived as a full-function document processing module for integration in ATMs and kiosks.

Robust and reliable, the Seac Banche CM 3000 was conceived as a full-function document processing module for integration in ATMs and kiosks, allowing customers to carry out transactions without the involvement of a teller by using user-friendly self-service facilities.

The unit meets the requirements of advanced self-service applications such as check deposit, check cashing and utility bills payment, and it can carry out thousands of cycles with no need for scheduled maintenance. Special attention has been given in the design so that jams are avoided during feeding and transport of documents. The customer retains control of the document throughout the operation and can abort the transaction and retrieve the document at any time, until the transaction is completed.

The CM 3000 provides high return on investment, together with increased customer satisfaction.


Opening the document insertion slot
The CM 3000 allows the controlled opening of an optional vandal-proof outer shutter on the self-service system (not included). After that, the inner shutter of the CM 3000 body is opened, and the document can be inserted in the unit by the customer.

Acceptance of the document
A photosensor detects document presence and activates acceptance.

Metal detector & thickness control
Designed to identify metal staples and paper clips, including those covered in plastic, this control rejects the documents identified as potentially harmful to the internal mechanics.

Double document control
A transparency check does not allow the insertion of two documents at the same time, and the documents are rejected and returned to the customer.

Document alignment
After the entire document has been fed, a set of special wheels align it to the right in order to ensure that it is positioned correctly for the following processing phases.

MICR codeline reading
The CM 3000 reads both CMC7 and E13B magnetic codelines. Reliability of the system is undisputed, based on the experience of thousands of Seac Banche codeline readers installed worldwide. The MICR head is spring-loaded, so that it can easily accommodate a variety of documents, regardless of paper weight and thickness.
If a read error takes place, the document may be rejected and returned depending upon the application requirements.

Image processing
Images captured by the CM 3000 are perfectly clear and sharply defined. The system allows for up to three separate images of a document to be captured in a single pass. Images are scanned under program control and can be used to provide input to OCR/ICR character recognition systems or displayed for visual verification or manual key entry.
They can also be printed on the customer receipt, as an acknowledgement of the transaction, as well as stored for archive and retrieval.
Resolution can be selected via application software, independently for front and rear images – 200 x 200 dpi or 100 x 100 dpi images, 256 shades of grey, green or red light source (the latter showing red dropout images).
The images can be compressed by DLL functions in several formats, according to user needs.

Voiding and endorsing
The CM 3000 has two optional features: a programmable dot-matrix rear endorsement printer and a self-inking front stamp. Voiding and endorsing are controlled by the application. Both the printer ribbon and the stamp pad can be replaced very easily.

Completion of the transaction
When all required steps have been carried out correctly, the transaction is completed and the document is returned to the customer or retained inside the ATM or kiosk, depending on the application requirements. When retention is required, the unit allows to control an optional sorting flag (not included), used to separate the processed documents which are stored inside the self-service system.

Outer and inner shutter control
Metal detector & thickness control
Double document control
Transport speed: 433 mm (17”)/sec
External sorting flag control.

Width: 120 to 210 mm (4.72” to 8.27”)
Height: 70 to 104 mm (2.76” to 4.09”)
Weight: 70 to 125 g/sqm (18.7 to 33.3 lbs)

MICR: magnetic fonts CMC7 and E13B
OCR: optical fonts OCR-A/OCR-B via add-on software package.

Up to 3 images in one pass: front, rear, front with red dropout
200×200 dpi or 100×100 dpi
256 grey levels

Bitmap, Jpeg, Tiff, G4 (B/W)

USB 2.0

Designed for Windows (XP or later version required) and Linux

Length: 470 mm (18.5” )
Width: 180 mm (7.1”)
Height: 215 mm (8.5”)


Rear Impact Printer (optional)
Programmable dot-matrix endorser, single-line
Printing set by application.

Front Stamp (optional)
Self-inking cancellation stamp single; double
Maximum dimensions: 20 x 10 mm (0.8” x 0.4”)